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UNI-T Ut701 Single Function Temperature Calibrator


Equipped with 10 thermocuple types, 4 RTD types, and voltage/resistance output function, UT701 is professional and convenient for users to calibrate and repair various temperature testers. Easy-to-operate keys, selectable steps and ramp outputs make operations efficient and accurate. It features LCD backlight, auto power off, bi-color injection case and 1m drop proof.


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Weight1.95 kg

Basic Features

14 / 100

1. Up to 0.05% output accuracy
2. 6-digit display
3. Output functions: DC voltage, resistance, thermocouple, and thermal resistance
4. 10 thermocouple scales
5. 4 thermal resistance scales
6. High precision automatic cold junction compensation for thermocouple outputs
7. Manual stepping and automatic stepping and ramping
8. Stores and recalls setups

Tech. Spec

14 / 100





Source accuracy
DC mV100.000mV±(0.05%+20)
Resistance (Ω)500.0Ω±(0.05%+2)
ThermocouplesJ-20~1200℃ (-328~2192℉)±0.7℃
K-200~1370℃ (-328~2498℉)±1℃
T-200~400℃ (-328~752℉)±0.8℃
E-200~950℃ (-328~1742℉)±0.7℃
R-20~1750℃ (-4~3182℉)±1.4℃
S-20~1750℃ (-4~3182℉)±1.5℃
B600~1800℃ (1112~3272℉)±1.4℃
N-200~0~1300℃ (-328~2372℉)±0.9℃
Wre3250~2000℃ (32~3632℉)±1.8℃
Wre5260~2300℃ (32~4172℉)±1.8℃
RTDsPt10-200~850℃ (-328~1562℉)±(0.5%+6℃)
Cu50-50~150℃ (-58~302℉)±(0.05%+0.6℃)


Ramp functionsSource functions: Voltage, resistance, temperature
Ramps: Slow ramp, fast ramp, 25% step-ramp
Step functionsSource functions: Voltage, resistance, temperature
Steps: 25% of range, 100% of range

General Characterisitics

Power9V battery (6F22)
Display63mm x 40mm
Product colorRed and grey
Product net weight410g
Product size96mm x 193mm x 47mm
Standard accessoriesTest leads, battery
Standard individual packingGift box, English manual, cloth bag
Standard quantity per carton5pcs
Standard carton measurement325mm x 225mm x 285mm
Standard carton gross weight4.5kg
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