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Variable 60W Soldering Iron Tni U 093D+

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  • Especially stable welding temperature, powerful power, large heating element.
  • Environment-friendly energy-saving work way, the power consumption of the electric iron is 50% lower than the ordinary.

Features : 100% brand new. Professional Soldering Tool is great for lead-free soldering semiconductors High quality long lasting ceramic type heater. Adjustable temperature controlled soldering irons: 200-450 ° C (there is a knob wheel on the Electronic Soldering Gun for temperature adjust) Ideal for hobbies, kits, radios, and electronics work. Iron plated tip and stainless steel construction offer longer steel construction offer longer life.   Operating: Clean the parts to be joined Clean soldering iron tip and “tin” all faces of tip with a coating of solder 3.Heat parts (not solder )to be joined Apply flux-core solder to heated parts, not tit till solder me soldering tip ,and heat it till solder melts and flows freely. Caution:


19 / 100
  • Power 45 seconds, can carry out welding work, the temperature can be arbitrarily set between 200-450° C.
  • Can be used instead of 939 welding station, the protective effect of IC and LSI electron element is of protection.
  • Brand: TNI-U
  • Plug model: 2 round pins.
  • Voltage: 220 V.
  • Watts: 60 Watts.
  • Soldering length: 20cm.
  • Overall length: 149 cm
  • Soldering eye diameter: 6.5mm.
  • On indicator light: Available.
  • Handle color: Blue & yellow
  • Made in: China
  • 1 x TNI-U 60W Soldering Iron
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