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Victor 3010 Analog Analogue Multimeter



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66 / 100

VICTOR 3010 Analog Analogue Multimeter

VICTOR 3010 /3021 Analog Multimeter Portable Multitester Designated For Measurement Of Small Current Circuits

Weight 0.3 kg


66 / 100

This instrument is portable multitester designated for measurement of small Current circuits.

Panel face protection cover which serves also as a stand is employed.

Our technology has made it possible to measure high resistance (up to maximum 200MΩ) with low voltage.

Taut band meter is drop shock type with high sensitivity.

Overload protection circuit up to maximum 230V is provided.


66 / 100

Drop shock proof: Taut-band structure is adopted in the meter section.

The meter section is designed to withstand shock.

Circuit protection: The circuit is protected by fuse even when voltage of up to AC 230V is impressed on each range for 5 seconds.

Internal battery: R6 (IEC) or UM-3 1.5V×2

Internal fuse: 0.5A/250V 5.2mm dia ×20mm

Standard calibration temp

And humidity range.: 23±2℃ 45-75% RH

Operating temperature and

humidity range.: 0-40℃, 80%RH max. No condensation

Withstand voltage: 3KV AC(1 min) between input terminal and case

Dimensions and weight: 150×100×38mm approx. 300g

Accessories: Instruction manual , Test leads, Send free carrying bag

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