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Wick ProsKit 8PK-031A Solder Braid (1.5mm.)


Pros’kit 8PK-031A solder braid, made of oxygen-free copper, coated with a unique, flux-free cleaning.
Reference: 8PK-031A


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13 / 100

Pro’sKit 8PK-031A (1.5 mm) high-quality brazing wire for solder removal is made of oxygen-free copper coated with a unique, flux-free cleaning.


Place the braid in place of the solder to be removed, then heat this place in the braid with a soldering iron
When the braid is sufficiently heated and the tin reaches its melting point, the solder should be pulled into the braid
After that, the braid is removed along with the solder, which hardened and became braided during the soldering process.
The used part of the braid must be cut


13 / 100

Production Taiwan
Manufacturer Proskit
Length mm one hundred
Height mm fifty
Width mm one hundred
Weight, kg 0.0074
Manufacturer Part Number 00153904


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