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Wynns WNS205A 125mm Mini Wire Sheath Pliers


Trademark: WYNNS

Product code: WNS205A

Origin: China

Guarantee:6 months

Status: Stocking


Describe: Wynns WNS205A 125mm mini wire sheath pliers


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Wynns WNS205A 125mm Mini Wire Sheath Pliers

– Sharp blade.
The handle is designed according to PP + TPR standards, creating a comfortable and firm feeling when used.
– Size: 125mm
– With blue handle design. Wire sheathing pliers are specialized tools for cutting small electrical wires or copper wires.

– Suitable for families and electrical and electronic repair professions ….

– Avoid leaving the product in a humid place, it is recommended to store the product in a dry place.

– Note:

+ Avoid using the product when cutting beyond the specified size, causing deformation of the cutting edge.

+ Do not allow children to use the product.

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