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Yihua YH-1502T Dc Variable Power Supply

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14 / 100
  • Inner box size                    27*14*22CM
  • Outer carton box size        76*29*46.5CM
  • Q’TY                                  10PCS/CTN
  • Goods net weight              1.9KG/PC
  • Outer carton weight           20KG


14 / 100

1. High accuracy and reliability

2. Short circuit protection and automatic recovery function

3.Dual LED displays to show current and voltage.High-performance mobile phone repair equipment that is both affordable and easy to operate.


14 / 100
Rated voltage AC220V±10%  50Hz
Operating environment 0~40℃  relative humidity<80%
Storage temperature -20~80℃  relative humidity<80%
Dimensions of the machine body 27*14*22cm
Weight 1.9KG
Performance parameters
Output voltage Adjustable continuously within 0~15V
Output current Adjustable continuously within 0~2A (current limitation adjustment when above 0.2A)
Output power 15W
Source effect ≤1mV
Load effect ≤0.33%
Ripple noise ≤3mVrms(5Hz ~ 1MHz)/≤3mArms
Display accuracy 0.1V/0.1A/1mA
Protection mode Over-current, short circuit, over-temperature protection
Dissipation mode Air cooling


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