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Yihua YH-605D Laboratory Dc Power Supply

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14 / 100
  • Inner box size 17.5*31.5*20CM
  • Outer carton box size 37*32.5*42CM
  • Goods net weight 6.1KG/PC
  • Outer carton weight 23.76KG


14 / 100

605D communication maintenance power supply is a single line output of stabilized high accuracy

DC stabilized power supply. The output voltage and current can be adjusted continuously within

the rated range. Double digital display shows output voltage and current independently. Several

protection functions include current limitation, voltage reduction, short circuit protection, over-

temperature protection, etc.

The design is applied to production line of the plant, maintenance, laboratories and is also

a necessary device for the communication industry.


14 / 100
Rated voltage AC220V±10%  50Hz
Power of complete machine 380W
Operating environment 0~40ºC  relative humidity <80%
Storage Temperature -20~80ºC  relative humidity <80%
Dimensions 17.5*31.5*20cm
Weight 6.1KG
Performance parameters
Output voltage Adjustable continuously within 0~60V
Output current Adjustable continuously within 0~5A

(current limitation adjustment when above 0.2A

Output power 300W
Source effect 1mV
Load effect ≤0.33%
Ripple noise ≤3mVrms(5Hz ~ 1MHz)/≤3mArms
Display accuracy 0.1V/0.1A/1mA
Protection mode Over-current, short circuit, over-temperature protection
Dissipation mode Air cooling


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