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Yihua YH-938BD+ Upgrade Version 2In1 Smd Hot Tweezers Soldering Iron Station

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main unit + power cord


soldering iron

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10 / 100
  • Inner box size                    26.3*21.6*16.3CM
  • Outer carton box size        45.5*28*51.5CM
  • Q’TY                                  6PCS/CTN
  • Goods net weight              3.5KG/PC
  • Outer carton weight           21KG


10 / 100

YH-938BD+ has great new feature that will keep it in the ranks of one of the best soldering iron station.

This is an our “EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT” and there are no other comparable units with the same specifications & features sold anywhere. Also the features on this unit can not be beat by any other comparable unit in the world today!

– This model now features an all new brushed aluminum front with a large-screen LCD display, you can easily change the LCD digital readouts back and forth “Centigrade to Fahrenheit” for the soldering iron and hot tweezers with the push of a button.

– The YH-938BD+ is Digitally Controlled by a Samsung Dual Core Microcomputer Processor which helps give much more stability, durability and reliability to this unit.

– This unit now also features Magic Temperature Compensation technology which is the result of incorporating PID(Proportional, Integral , Derivative) Technology into our product. This allows for quick temperature correction( in milliseconds ) to maintain tip temperature stability on any IC board you are working on. (“Magic Temperature Technology” sometimes known as Programmable Control Technology which is one of the most sophisticated type of heat control systems in the world today. )

– This model also has 3 “Preset Memory Function” that can be used for both soldering iron and hot tweezers in this dual station.

– You can also program the Soldering Iron to go into a “Sleep Mode” after your desired minutes of non-use (0 – 99 minutes), which is very convenient and energy save.

– You will also find an Automatic Shutdown Function (0 – 99 minutes programable).

– This station has the Temperature Correction Function which comes into play when your heating elements start degrading and keep the temperature at a constant where it is set. (Temperature for Hot Tweezers and Soldering Iron can be programed from -50 °C to +50 °C.)

– A 75W soldering iron station with temp range of 200°C – 480°C with silicone cord that are extremely pliable and virtually.( heat resistant cable 300°C 15sec )

– Soldering iron and hot tweezers is each independently programmable and you can use them simultaneously or switch off from one to another.

– Smart temperature detection, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, and overload protection.

– Japan imported high power heater, it ensures rapid warming-up, stable accurate temperature and last longer.

– ESD safe design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components & CE approved .


10 / 100
Power consumption 180W
Temperature Range 100°C~480°C/122°F~896°F
Display type LCD
Temperature stability ±2°C/3.6°F (static)
Heater voltage AC 24V ±10% 50Hz
Sleep Function 0-99 Minutes
Temperature Compensation Programmable -50 °C to +50 °C
Working  Environment 0°C ~ 50°C/0°F ~ 122°F
Storage   Environment -20°C ~ 80°C/-68°F ~ 176°F
Soldering Iron & Hot Tweezers Cord Material 100% Silicone (Virtually No Memory)
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