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Yihua YH-947-Vii Soldeing Iron Adjustable Tools Kit

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8 / 100

1.Small size,light weight,easy to carry.

2.Use the internal heating type heating core,high efficiency.

3.947VII temperature adjustable.

4.947VII with a power switch,when the appliance is not in use,you can turn off the

switch,safe and energy saving.

5.The internal use SMT double-sided board manufacturing process,the process is neat

and the solder joint is firm.

6.The handle uses completely new environmental protection material,safe and durable.


8 / 100


Power supply voltage:220V~240V/AC,50Hz


Power :18W

Temperature range:220~480℃/428~896℉

Supply switch:YES


Operating indicator lights:YES

Weight:0.26kg ±10%

Operting temp.:0~40℃/32~104℉

Storage temp.:-20~80℃/-4~176℉

Storage humidity:35%~45%

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