Dual Heat Soldering Iron St-830160

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100% brand new and high quality
Better heat dissipation efficiency: It
helps reduce the temperature of the handle and prevent the plastic from melting by heat.
No need soldering station, just plug and play.
It comes as a 220V Also comes with a mini adapter according to your country.


a necessary tool to choose or repair, easy to adjust and control the temperature.

Dual heat soldering iron is made up
of stainless steel and dual watt heating
element with ruggedized outlooking and
good quality It saves energy and can
replace every iron with different watt as
from 25W

Tech. Spec

Plug type:
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 30-130 (W)
Temperature: ° C adjustable
Soldering tip and ground impedance: 100 (Ω)
Soldering tip and ground voltage: 1 (mV)
Size: 170mm * 105mm * 40mm

How to weld

1. Clean the pieces to be joined.
2. Clean soldering iron tip and “tin” all faces of the tip with a solder coating.
3. Thermal parts, not welded, to join.
4 Apply welding to heated parts, not to the welding tip, and heat it until the solder melts and flows freely.

1 review for Dual Heat Soldering Iron St-830160

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