ET827 Intelligent 2In1 Digital 40Mhz 200Msps/S Oscilloscope 6000Counts True Rms Multimeter With Analog Grap Auto Multimeter - Variety House
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ET827 Intelligent 2In1 Digital 40Mhz 200Msps/S Oscilloscope 6000Counts True Rms Multimeter With Analog Grap Auto Multimeter



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Product Description

65 / 100

ET827 Intelligent 2in1 Digital 40MHz 200Msps/S Oscilloscope

6000Counts True RMS Multimeter With Analog Grap AUTO




Additional information
Weight 0.3 kg


65 / 100

1. Waveform automatic mode, normal mode and single mode, can be used for different users’ waveform requirements.

2. High definition screen ensures and provides with clear and intuitive display, bright backlight.

3. 2 in 1 function, multimeter + oscilloscope, easy to operate and fast measurement, practical to use.

4. The oscilloscope probe is not needed, and the waveform can be measured quickly and accurately.

5. The data waveform holding function in the measurement can be 100 data sets and 50 waveforms.



65 / 100

Material: ABS
main features
Display: 240×160 bar graph
Backlight: in
Drum: 3 AA batteries (not included)
Low voltage prompt: Yes
Service life: more than 8 hours
Operating environment: 0 ℃ – 40 ℃< 75% relative humidity
Product size: ns. 160x82x30 mm / 6.3×3.2×1.2 in
Analog bandwidth: 40MHz
Vertical resolution: 8 bits
Input resistance: about 10m2
Vertical sensitivity range: 500mv / grid – 200V / grid
Vertical amplitude accuracy: ± (5% + 0.2div)
Automatic 0 reference: CC during measurement
Trigger level: ± 6div (0.1 div per step)
Adjust trigger position: ± 12div (0.1 div per step)
Cursor measurement function: DV, DT, 1 / dt (frequency)
Automatic measurement accuracy: ± (5% + 0.2div)
Observation area: 60x40mm
Input resistance: 10 milliohm
Automatic shutdown: 15 minutes or off
Operating height: 0-2000m
Storage capacity: 100 DMM data, 50 OSC waveform records
Storage condition: – 10 ℃ – 60 ℃< 90% relative humidity
Weight: ns. 411 g / 14.5 oz
Maximum real-time sampling rate: 200MSPS
Nonlinearity: ± 1 bit
Index: vertical ± 6.0, horizontal 24.0
Time base range: 12.5ns/div-10s/div
Time base accuracy: ± (0.01% + 0.1div)
Scanning mode: automatic / normal / simple
Selection of trigger slope: rising / falling edge
Automatic configuration: automatically adjust the time base and vertical amplitude
Automatic measurement function: Vp-p, vavg, VRMs
Record length: 24.0div
The analog bandwidth of 40MHz refers to the bandwidth when the voltage attenuates to 3dB. If the input signal is disturbed, please use the adapter and special high-frequency shielded wire.
The vertical attenuation is 1-2-5 switching range.
Temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 600 ℃
Frequency (Hz): 9.999hz-9.999mhz 0.001hz-1khz ± (1.0% RDG + 5dgt), (signal amplitude not less than 1Vp-p, ACV or 20mA RMS, AC
Duty cycle: 0.01-99.99% (ac500mvp-p)
Diode test: the open circuit voltage is about 3.0V and the maximum test current is about 2mA
Continuity test: judgment resistance: about 50 Ω
Automatic range switching: it can be applied to various measurement functions
Beach overflow prompt: ol (overload)
Measurement rate of multimeter: 2.5 times / S
Dynamic data window: after maintaining the main display, continue to dynamically refresh the actual measurement data
Fuse specification: 500mA / 250v10 / 500V

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