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Glue Gun ProsKit GK-380A

Pro’sKit GK-380B hot glue gun.
Item: GK-380A

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The reliable electric tool easily melts and applies the glue used when gluing various surfaces in the course of repair work. The advanced glue feed mechanism (nozzle with spring clip and silicone hose) allows you to better control the gluing process and ensures accurate work. Pro’sKit 61103 replaceable adhesive core.

Power: 7W.
Voltage: 230 V.
Preheat: 3-4 minutes.
Glue flow 14-16 g / min.
Replaceable glue stick Pro’sKit 61103.
Power supply: 1.5V AA x 4 pcs.
Operating time without changing batteries.
Packing: blister.

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Production Taiwan
Manufacturer Proskit
Length mm 260
Height mm thirty
Width mm 220
Weight, kg 0.3400
Manufacturer Part Number 00216305



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