Hot Melt Glue Gun Coair Model CH-C 80W

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Operating Instructions

1) Properly connect plug with power socket and then load the glue stick onto the loading sleeve.
2)Press the trigger repeatedly until the glue stick firmly positioned and loaded into the glue gun.
3)Pre-heat the glue gun for about 3 minutes before use.
4)Press the trigger until melted glue start emitting from the nozzle.
5) Unplug the power cord after use. Do not remove glue stick from the glue gun even not in use.
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1) Assemble toys and models.
2) Assemble artificial flower and plastic wares
3) Assemble wooden wares and frame
4) Adhere textiles and shock-absorbent materials.
5) Adhere paper.
6)Fimnly position electronic components.
7) Assemble and repair ceramic wares.
8) Packaging sealant.
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  • 1) Since the glue gun is of high temperature when in use, keep out of reach of children.
  • 2) Always hold the glue gun with nozzle downward as this could avoid flow-back of melted glue into the
    glue gun causing damages.
  • 3) In order to avoid accident, do not use the glue gun under the adverse environment of high humidity,
    extremely low or high temperature.
  • 4) Disconnect the power supply when the glue gun is not in use for over 5 minutes.
  • 5) It is recommended to use 11-11.5mm glue stick as improper size could cause glue flow-back and clogging.



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