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KADA Heat Gun 8205

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14 / 100

KADA 8205 hot air desoldering station rotating wind hot air gun soldering station mobile phone repair tools thermostat adjustable hot air gun

Technical Parameters
Power supply voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
Power consumption: 1200W (Max)
Airflow type: brushless fan soft wind
Air flow: 400L/min (maximum)
Temperature adjustment range: 50 ~ 450 ° C
Display mode: mechanical scale
Handle length (including handle line): 120cm
Noise: <40dB
Nozzle: A1160, A1170A
Heating core: imported 1200W 8205 heating wire
Appearance size: 190 × 65 × 245 (L × W × H) mm
Weight: about 2.5KG


14 / 100

●It is a combination of 850 and 2305. It is softly rotating and evenly heated to better protect components.
●The temperature rises quickly and reaches the set temperature in 2 to 3 seconds.
●Blowing and welding of plastic components are invariant. For example, the ringer of the mobile phone is not deformed.
●The blown shielding box does not change color, which is quick and convenient.
● The blown soldering circuit board does not blister.
● Disassemble the tape BGA-IC is not easy to break the foot. Safer and more reliable (the recommended temperature and air volume provided by Aetna can be better).
●The sensor closes the loop, the temperature adjustment is convenient, the power on-start is large, the temperature rises quickly, the temperature is accurate and stable, and it is not affected by the air volume.
●Perfect standby power-saving function, as long as you erect the heat gun, it will automatically enter the standby state, turn off the heating, no matter the wind is set a few files, there will be a breeze to send out, cool the heating body and the wind head, extend the life of the machine; pick up the wind When the gun is fired, it automatically enters the last set state.
● Anti-static design to prevent damage to the PCB due to static electricity and leakage.
●The soldering method that does not need to contact the solder joint can eliminate the displacement of parts and thermal shock.
● It can greatly adjust the air volume and temperature, and can solder QFP and SOP type ICs. Welding and tin removal can be selected according to different nozzles.
●Imported heating wire, nozzle and international brand. Uniform cloth, large dynamic range of thermal power.
● After the work is completed, the air supply delays the work, and the life of the heating element and the handle is prolonged.

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