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Yihua YH-8508D Hot Air Smd Rework Station


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* main unit + gun + power cord

* guide

* 3 nozzles


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14 / 100

Inner box size : 33*27*20.2CM

Outer carton box size: 57*34.8*62.5CM


Goods net weight:  3.6KG/PC

Outer carton weight:  21.6kg/CTN


14 / 100

1. The outer enclosure of the main machine is made of a superior iron alloy, which is immune to high temperature damage and is durable.

2.Unique material resistant to temperature is adopted for the handle enclosure; striking appearance, wieldy and resistant to temperature.

3.The hot air gun’s heating element employs brand new columned heating core developed with a ceramic process, having strong stability, resistance to impact and dropping, and extraordinarily vibration-mitigation ability.

4.The outlet steel cylinder of the handle is made of stainless steel with better thermal conductivity, resistant to rust and corrosion and strong resistance to oxidation.

5.Spiral wind design with strong airflow through a high quality diaphragm pump. Large air pressure, soft force and uniform face area. Apart from normal desoldering, it is particularly suitable for desoldering of SMD elements with small surface areas and high accuracy.

6.An LED shows the current operating temperature of the hot air gun; precise temperature control;

7.User-friendly design; hot air gun can be used with the manual/automatic function; can be set

depending on the use environment; when the hot air gun is frequently used, choose the manual mode to save time for repetitive temperature rise, easy and convenient, improves work efficiency.


14 / 100
Performance Parameters of the Machine
Rated voltage AC 220V±10%  50Hz
Rated Power 720W
Operating Environment 0~40℃  relative humidity <80%
Storage Temperature -20~80℃ relative humidity <80%
Dimensions 255*188*125mm
Weight 3.6KG
Temperature Range


Display Mode RedLED Digital Display
air supply mode Pump air supply
Air Flow 24L/min(Max)
Temperature stability ±15℃ (static state)
Heating Core Ceramic skeleton heater
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