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Tni-U Tu-108+ Wire Stripper

11 / 100

TNI-U TU-108+ Mini Striping & Cutting Plier

Product Description:

Wire Stripper Cutter can cut and stripped the wire that in the range of 0.5 ~ 4 mm and the desired thickness, properly with the structure of the mouth up the wires.
· Convenient stripping function, standard tangent function.
· Suitable for cutting small wires, circuit boards, trimming product burrs, etc.
Packing: 120 pieces (10 boxes × 12 pieces)


Weight1 kg


11 / 100

1. Ergonomic handle design and providing a comfortable grip feeling, more convenient for operation
2. Labor-saving A labor-saving operation, clear striping effects
3. Hardened with ground blades
4. Simple operation and spring-loaded switch ensure endurability and good performance
5. The designed optimum handle position, portable & compact structure, and the ergonomic handle design reduce the fatigue degree during your manipulation
6. Adjustable screw stop for different wire sizes
7. Suitable for wire 4 ~ 0.5mm2 or AWG 30 ~ 10

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