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MS5308 – Digital LCR Meter with USB interface

It is a professional instrument for measuring inductance, capacitance, and resistance. It has many features, such as automatic identification, automatic measurement range, high measurement accuracy and speed, wide measuring range and so on.An ordinary multimeter only provides DC mode for resistance measurement, while this meter provides both AC and DC measurement modes. A variety of test frequencies up 100kHz can be provided for inductance, capacitance, and resistance in AC mode to meet the actual needs better.

Basic Features

● Elevation < 2000m
● Relative Humidity < 80%RH
● Operating TEMP 0℃~40℃
● Dua Display 20000(Main) and 2000(Secondary) counts
● Auto & Manual Ranging
● Auto Power off
● LCR smart check and measurment
● DCR mode
● Series / Parallel measurement mode
● Display Backlight
● Low Battery Display
● Data hold
● RS232 interface


●Resistance Measurement●Capacitance Measurment●Inductance Measurment100Hz/120Hz20.000nF1pF1.0%+5d

Resistance Measurement

Frequency Range Resolution Accuracy
100Hz/120Hz 200.00Ω 0.01Ω 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 2.0000kΩ 0.1Ω 0.3%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 20.000kΩ 0.3%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 200.00kΩ 0.01kΩ 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 2.0000MΩ 0.1kΩ 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 20.000MΩ 1kΩ 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 200.00MΩ 0.1MΩ 2.0%+5d
1kHz 20.000Ω 0.001Ω 1.0%+5d
1kHz 200.00Ω 0.01Ω 0.3%+5d
1kHz 2.0000kΩ 0.1Ω 0.3%+5d
1kHz 20.000kΩ 0.3%+5d
1kHz 200.00kΩ 0.01kΩ 0.5%+5d
1kHz 2.0000MΩ 0.1kΩ 1.0%+5d
1kHz 20.000MΩ 1kΩ 2.0%+5d
1kHz 200.0MΩ 0.1MΩ 5.0%+5d
10kHz 20.000Ω 0.001Ω 1.0%+5d
10kHz 200.00Ω 0.01Ω 0.5%+5d
10kHz 2.0000kΩ 0.1Ω 0.3%+5d
10kHz 20.000kΩ 0.5%+5d
10kHz 200.00kΩ 0.01kΩ 1.0%+5d
100kHz 20.000Ω 0.001Ω 1.0%+5d
100kHz 200.00Ω 0.01Ω 1.0%+5d
100kHz 2.0000kΩ 0.1Ω 1.0%+5d
100kHz 20.000kΩ 2.0%+5d

Capacitance Measurment

Frequency Range Resolution Accuracy
100Hz/120Hz 200.00nF 0.01nF 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 2000.0nF 0.1nF 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 20.000μF 1nF 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 200.00μF 0.01μF 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 2000.0μF 0.1μF 2.0%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 20.00mF 0.1mF 2.0%+5d
1kHz 2000.0pF 0.1pF 1.0%+5d
1kHz 20.000nF 1pF 1.0%+5d
1kHz 200.00nF 0.01nF 0.5%+5d
1kHz 2000.0nF 0.1nF 0.5%+5d
1kHz 20.000μF 1nF 0.5%+5d
1kHz 200.00μF 0.01μF 1.0%+5d
1kHz 2000.0μF 0.1μF 1.0%+5d
10kHz 200.00pF 0.01pF 1.0%+5d
10kHz 2000.0pF 0.1pF 1.0%+5d
10kHz 20.000nF 1pF 1.0%+5d
10kHz 200.00nF 0.01nF 1.5%+5d
10kHz 2000.0nF 0.1nF 2.0%+5d
100kHz 200.00pF 0.01pF 2.0%+5d
100kHz 2000.0pF 0.1pF 1.0%+5d
100kHz 20.000nF 1pF 2.0%+5d
100kHz 200.00nF 0.01nF 5.0%+5d

Inductance Measurment

Frequency Range Resolution Accuracy
100Hz/120Hz 20.000mH 1μH 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 200.00mH 0.01mH 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 2000.0mH 0.1mH 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 20.000H 1mH 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 200.00H 0.01H 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 2000.0H 0.1H 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120Hz 20.000KH 1H 2.0%+5d
1kHz 2000.0μH 0.1μH 1.0%+5d
1kHz 20.000mH 1μH 0.5%+5d
1kHz 200.00mH 0.01mH 0.5%+5d
1kHz 2000.0mH 0.1mH 1.0%+5d
1kHz 20.000H 1mH 1.0%+5d
1kHz 200.00H 0.01H 2.0%+5d
1kHz 2000.0H 0.1H 5.0%+5d
10kHz 200.00μH 0.01μH 1.0%+5d
10kHz 2000.0μH 0.1μH 0.5%+5d
10kHz 20.000mH 1μH 0.5%+5d
10kHz 200.00mH 0.01mH 1.5%+5d
10kHz 2000.0mH 0.1mH 2.0%+5d
10kHz 20.000H 0.001H 5.0%+5d
100kHz 20.000μH 0.001μH 1.0%+5d
100kHz 200.00μH 0.01μH 2.0%+5d
100kHz 2000.0μH 0.1μH 2.0%+5d
100kHz 20.000mH 1μH 2.0%+5d
100kHz 200.00mH 0.01mH 5.0%+5d

General Accessories

● Power Supply : 8×1.5 AA Batteries
● Product Size : 224mm×172mm×58mm/8.8″×6.8″×2.3″
● Product Weight : 841g/1.85lb
● Certificate : CE / ETL / RoHs

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