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Networking Cable Tester NS-468

Product Description

This tool can be used to test damaged or not computer network cables. This tool is also equipped with a connector hole. Inside the package:


– Separable transmitter and receiver to test installed cabling or patch cables
– Standard cable wiring diagrams are printed on the transmitter unit
– Transmitter and receiver snap together for transport
– Extremely easy to use and understand
– Transmitter and receiver each have one RJ-45 jack and one RJ-11 jack
– Automatic efficient scan for the miss wiring, disorder cable, open and short circuit
– 9 LEDs on both remote and master unit to indicate which wire is open or short-circuited
– Powered by DC 9V battery (not included)

Way To Use;

Test by Twin-twisted Cables:
1 Put one end of the cable into the main tester.
2. Switch on the power, which works if the light flashed.
3.Once switched on, LEDS of the remote tester will scan the
cable accordingly. If the cables are good, the corresponding
LEDS will turn green sequently. If the cables are out of work,
the LEDS will first turn green then red or other others, or the
LEDS will not be on or be on disorderly.

4.lf the cables are shielded, shielding is tested when GND is
turned on. If shielding is normal, the corresponding LEDS and
GND will turn green. If not, the LEDS Wila y a

the red or will not be on at all.

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