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TE802 Magnifying glass

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Repair magnifier
Soldering PCB electronics
Magnifying glass with light
2.5X-4X magnifying glass
Phone Repair
Model; TE802
Magnifying glass size; 85mm/20mm.
Multiple; 2.5X/4X.
Magnifying glass material; acrylic lens.
Light source; 16 LED lamp beads
Metal hose length; 265mm
Clip hose length; 290mm
Base size; 185*170mm
Battery; 4 AA batteries (shipping does not include battery)
Adapter; USB data cable (without plug)
Packaging; color box.
Structural material; metal and plastic combination.
Applicable to; repair, engraving, assembly of watches, welding PCB, collection identification.


10 / 100
  • With Light Or Not: Yes
  • Light Source: Led Light
  • Brand Name: AIBOULLY
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Standing Style
  • Model Number: TE802
  • Repair magnifier: A
  • Soldering PCB electronics: B
  • Magnifying glass with light: C
  • 2.5X-4X magnifying glass: D
  • Phone Repair: E
  • Multi-tool: F
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