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UNI-T Ut516B Insulation Resistance Tester


The UT516B is a digital high voltage insulation resistance tester with 6 ranges: 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10000V and 12000V. Fine adjustment of voltage with 10% step at each range (except 12000V) is available. Test data can be saved in the tester memory and transferred to a PC via the dedicated USB cable, or be transferred to a PC in real time. The tester, with high performance and easy operation, is widely used in the measurement and maintenance of power equipment and power

supply circuits.


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Weight 1.5 kg

Basic Features

21 / 100

1. AC/DC voltage

2. USB data transfer

3. Low battery indication

4. Data storage

5. LCD backlight

6. Polarization Index

7. Over-range alarm

8. 9999 Max display

9. Comparative measurement

10. Measurement time selection


21 / 100
Specifications Range UT516B
Insulation Resistance Measurement 500V 0.50MΩ~4.99G ±(5%+5)
5.00G-49.9GΩ ±(10%+10)
50.0GΩ-500GΩ for reference only
1000V 1.00MΩ-9.99GΩ ±(5%+5)
10.0G-99.9GΩ ±(15%+10)
100GΩ-1000GΩ for reference only
2500V 2.50MΩ-24.9GΩ ±(5%+5)
25.0G-249GΩ ±(15%+10)
250GΩ-2.5TΩ for reference only
5000V 5.00MΩ-49.9GΩ ±(5%+5)
50G-499GΩ ±(15%+20)
500GΩ-5.0TΩ for reference only
10000V 10.0MΩ-99.9GΩ ±(10%+10)
100G-999GΩ ±(20%+20)
1000GΩ-10TΩ for reference only
12000V 12.0MΩ-99.9GΩ ±(10%+10)
100G-999GΩ ±(20%+20)
1000GΩ-10TΩ for reference only
Output voltage 500V 0~+10%
1000V 0~+10%
2500V 0~+10%
5000V 0~+10%
10000V -5~+10%
12000V -5~+10%
Load current 500V (R=500KΩ) 1mA 0%—+20%
1000V (R=1MΩ) 1mA 0%—+20%
2500V (R=2.5MΩ) 1mA 0%—+20%
5000V (R=5MΩ) 1mA 0%—+20%
10000V (R=10MΩ) 0.15~1.2mA 0%—+20%
12000V (R=12MΩ) 0.15~1.2mA 0%—+20%
DC voltage measurement 30V~1000V ±(3%+5)
AC voltage measurement 30V~750V (50~60Hz) ±(3%+5)
PC software for data analysis
Backlight Function
Date storage 999 sets of date
Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) 0.00~999
Polarization Index (PI) 0.00~999
General Characterisitics
Power 1.5V alkaline batteries (LR14)  X 10, power adapter
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 6.6kg
Product size 410*342*204mm
Standard accessories User manual, Test leads (red/black/green 1 each),  USB cable, power adaptor, 1.5V alkaline batteries
Standard individual packing Gift box, tool box
Standard quantity per carton 1pc
Standard carton measurement 510*320*420mm
Standard carton gross weight 10.2kg
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