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Wanptek KPS-605D Mini Switching DC Power Supply 0-60V ~ 5A

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Wanptek KPS-605D Mini Switching DC Power Supply 0-60V ~ 5A

   RKS series is a single set of output, high precision double display switch dc power
supply.Machines have complete operating protection function, with high performance,
low ripple, high stability , light weight and small volume etc. Current limiting protection
can make RKS power supply and load against accidental damage.
RKS series power supply with low temperature control circuit, a cooling fan noise is low.
Special point
1, have complete operating protection function
2, highly efficient, low ripple, small volume, light weight
3, double display voltage, current, and high precision
4, voltage stabilization, current limiting, simple operation
5, dual voltage input and convenient choice
6, temperature control fan heat dissipation, low noise
7, Double potentiometer more precise adjustment

Technical indicators
Input voltage:AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Output voltage:0 ~ 60V
Output current:0 ~ 5A
Voltage resolution:100mV
Current resolution:10mA
Power effect:CV≤1%+10mV
Effect of load:CV≤1%+10mV
Ripple and noise:Vp-p≤1%
Voltage display precision:±1%+1digits
Current display precision:±1%+2digits
Volume (mm):81W×165H×220L
Operating environment:(-10~45)  Rh<90%
Working time:a long time
a banana probe with 4mm stackable banana plugs are made of brass and nickel. plugs also have a mobile multi ladies spring contact cells for tight fit.

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