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Yihua YH-852 Rework Station


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* main unit + hot air gun + power cord
* guide
* soldering iron
* soldering iron holder
* 3 nozzles

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1.Two-in-one hot air gun and soldering iron, double LED digital display,stylishly compact, feature-rich, space-saving, and low shipping costs. 2.Pioneering with handle safety protection, an industry-first, a docked handle in the handle holder isrequired each time prior to machine operation.If not (placed) in the handle holder, the operator will not be able to detect compliance with safety instructions and the machine will not work.The purpose of such a function is to prevent handle misplacement or accidental placement in unsafe or flammable(work) locations that could lead to undesirable consequences.3.An anti-static design effectively prevents damage to delicate components.


10 / 100
     Machine parameter
Rated voltage AC 220V±10%  50Hz
Machine power 600W±10%(MAX)
working environment 0~40℃  relative humidity <80%
Storage temperature -20~80℃  relative humidity <80%
Machine size 25.5*18.8*12.5cm
weight 4.5KG
Part of performance parameters Hot air gun Solering iron
Working voltage AC 220V±10%  50Hz AC 26V±10%  50Hz
Output power 550W 45W
temperature range 100℃~500℃ 200℃~500℃
Mode of airflow Diaphragm pump
airflow 24-28L/min(max)
Temperature stability ±15℃ (static) ±10℃ (static)
heater Heating core ceramics heater Common heater
Tips to ground impedance <2Ω
Tips voltage to ground <2mV


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