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MS6612 – Digital Light Meter [Lux/FC/CD]

The MS6612 multi-function light meter has an easy to use interface and can be easily used with one hand. The buzzer sounds upon the key press to indicate activation. This light meter is able to measure the visible light produced by fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high voltage sodium lamps, electric incandescent lamps.

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Basic Features

● Display 2000 counts
● Auto & Manual Ranging
● Auto Power Off
● Relative Measurement
● Peak Measurement
● Zero Calibration
● FC & Lux unit selection
● Data Hold
● Analog Bar Indication
● Low Battery Display

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Measurement Range 0~200000 Lux 0.01 Lux ±(3%+2)
0~20000 FC 0.01 FC ±(3

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General Accessories

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● Power Supply : 1x9V 6F22 Battery
● Product Size : 170mm x 89mm x 43mm / 6.7″ x 3.5″ x 1.7″
● Product Weight : 420g / 0.93lb
● Certificate : CE / ETL / RoHS



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