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RS PRO Soldering Station, 220 ? 240V

Packing List:

SMD Rework Station (include holder) x1
Heat Gun x1
Air nozzle x 3
Power cord x2 (EU & UK power cord)
User’s manual x1

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  • 1. Microprocessor-controlled, closed circuit sensor design, high power and quick warm-up times.
  • 2. Adjustable air flow, air volume and temperature, suitable for a variety of applications.
  • 3. Handle contains a sensor to switch between work and sleep mode for operational convenience.
  • 4. Auto Cool-Off Process to prolong the life of heating element.
  • 5. Plastic shell, compact body, small footprint.
  • 6. Comes with brushless motor, providing long service life, quiet operation.

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Model No.


Power Input AC220~240V
Power Consumption 700W
Temperature Range 100-450℃
Air Volume 120L/min(Max)
Heating Element Metal Heating core
Equipment noise <45dB
Temperature Display LED
Weight 1.32kgs
Machine Size(mm) 170x170x140 (include holder)
Overall package(mm) 280x185x170
Fuse Type 250V/5A

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1.Suitable for desoldering multiple components.
2.Ideal for heating shrink, viscidity removal, lacquer removal, preheating and

Operation Instruction

1. Set the heat nozzle (large caliber nozzle is preferred).
2. Switch the power on. The screen will display “- – -“, this represents standby
3. Press “▲”or “▼”button to adjust the temperature.
4. Adjust the airflow knob to set up the required air volume. Operate normally
when the temperature is stable.
5. Put the handle back on the holder once you have finished using. Once the
temperature falls below 100℃, the station will switch to standby mode.
6. Once the rework station has cooled, switch the power off and unplug the
power cord.


Please set the temperature as low as possible when using the high airflow
volume to prolong the heating element service life and IC chips protection.

Setting up Temperature

1. Press “▲”or “▼”button to set up the temperature. The screen will display the
selected temperature.
2. By pressing “▲” once, the temperature will increase 1℃, (the screen will
reflect this).
3. By pressing “▼” once, the temperature will decrease 1℃, (the screen will
reflect this).
4. When pressing the “▲”or “▼” button continuously, the temperature will
increase or decrease rapidly.

Note: Explanation of Symbols

A. “- – -“represents the temperature is lower than 100℃ in standby mode,
and the handle is resting in the holder.
B. “S-E” represents that the switch turned on but the sensor of heat gun is

Terms of use

1. The air outlet and its surrounding area may be very hot.
2. It is recommended not to put the heat gun on the work top surface always
return to its holder.
3. Please keep the air outlet unblocked.
4. The distance between the air outlet and the object shall be no less than 2mm.
5. Choose a suitable nozzle in accordance with working requirements. Different
nozzles may have different temperatures.

Fuse replacement

When a fuse is blown, replace with the same type of fuse. (see below picture)
1. Unplug the power cord from the power socket.
2. The fuse holder is located under the AC power socket, use the slotted (–)
screwdriver to loosen the fuse holder.
3. Replace the fuse with a new one.
4. Put the fuse holder back in place.
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Warnings and cautions are placed at critical points in this manual to direct
the operator’s attention to significant items. They are defined as follows:


Failure to comply with a WARNING may result in serious injury or


Failure to comply with a CAUTION may result in injury to the
operator, or damage to the items involved.


A NOTE indicates a procedure or point that is important to the process
being described.


AN EXAMPLE is given to demonstrate a particular procedure,
point or process.
Be sure to comply with following WARNINGS and CAUTIONS for your safety.


Do not change or disassemble any components related to this product, as it
may result in the product being damaged.
When you need to replace the fuse, be sure to turn off the power before
Whilst operation, do not turn off the power suddenly; place the heat gun in the
holder and turn off the power once it has cooled down. Failure to do so may
damage the product.


When the power is ON, the temperature of the hot air and the nozzle ranges
from 100 to 450℃(212 to 842℉). To avoid injury to personnel or damage to
items in the work area, observe the following:
** Do not direct the hot air toward personnel or touch the metal parts near the
** Do not use the product near combustible gases or flammable materials.
** Advise those in the work area that the unit can reach very high temperatures
and should be considered potentially dangerous.
** Turn the power OFF when no longer using or when leaving it unattended.
** Before replacing parts or storing the unit, allow the unit to cool and then turn
the power OFF.
To prevent accidents and failures, be sure to take the following precautions:
** Do not strike the handpiece against hard surfaces or otherwise subject it to
physical shock.
** Be sure the unit is grounded. Always connect power to a grounded receptacle.
** Do not disassemble the machine.
** Do not modify the unit.
** Use recommended replacement parts.
** Do not wet the unit or use the unit with wet hands.
** Remove power cord by holding the plug – not the wires.
** Make sure the work area is well ventilated.
** The product is not intended for use by children or infirm persons without
** Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the product.

Packing List:

SMD Rework Station (include holder) x1
Heat Gun x1
Air nozzle x 3
Power cord x2 (EU & UK power cord)
User’s manual x1

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