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Weight 4.5 kg


13 / 100
Model UTP3305
Output voltage CH1, CH2 0~32V
CH3 5V
Output current CH1, CH2 0~5A
CH3 3A
O utput power 335W
Load regulation CV≤1×10-4 +3mV, CC≤2×10-4 +3mA
Ripple and noise CV≤1mVrms; CC≤3mArms
Output regulation resolution CV: 100mV (typical), CC: 10mA (typical)
Tracking bias 5×10-3 +10mV
Reliability MTBF(e): ≥2000hrs
Display mode 3-bit voltage and current dual display
Features Auto conversion of constant voltage and current with current limit protection;
CH1 and CH2 master-slave tracking in series
General Characteristics
Power Input voltage: 115V AC/230V AC; Frequency: 47Hz~63Hz
Product color White and grey
Product net weight 10kg
Product size 260mm x 170mm x 315mm
Standard accessories Power cord, output cables
Standard individual packing Carton box, English manual


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