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KADA Heat Gun 862D+

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9 / 100

1.The infrared rays of the adoption independence development dismantles the technique of soldering

2.The definite purpose infrared rays heats,the penetration force is strong,the device suffers the caloric blance,breaking the traditonal hot breeze

dismantle the soldering machine housing lives the module heating ,strong defect in bombardment in caloric.

3.The operation is easy,throught make a day of it the training can immediately complete and all modules.

4.Have no to need to dismantle the soldering cure to have ,this machine can dismantle an all modules.

5.This machine has a preheating sol system ,perheating range 120*120MM.

6.The infrared rays heats the none caloric the romantic moving,can’t affect the small module in peripheral.Applicably all of module,is the module of micro BGA particularly.

7.The infrared rays heat,dismantles the flat-out the breeze of specific heat in soldering robs quick a double,because suffer the caloric failure device rate to lower consumedly.

8.Whole function LED figures display.

9.The whole function suffers the CPU control.


9 / 100

1.Power Voltage: 220V AC

2.Power Consumption: 1200W (Max.)

3.Pump: Brusheless Air Gun Engine

4.Preheating Area: 120*120mm (Max.)

5.Leakage Voltage of Iron Tip: <0.5mV

6.Standard Iron Tip: AT-900M

7.Hot Air Temperature: 100 to 480C

8.Tip of Iron Temperature: 200 to 480C

9.Weight: Around 11 Kilo with Packing

Packing Includes:

9 / 100

1.Super Kada 862D++ Station

2.Infrared Ray Device

3.Infrared Device Holder

4.Hot Air Blower Wand Type B (Engine)

5.Hot Air Gun Holder

6.Soldering iron holder

7.Soldering iron

8.Soldering Iron Foam

9.Includes 3 Single Nozzles

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